Monthly Management Packages


A New Way to Get Online.

Our monthly website packages are enabling businesses to get online with a professional site, without breaking the budget– it is something we stick to strongly at The Websitejob and it makes us unique from other web-agencies. Our 3 main website packages aim to suit your business’ requirements and the best part of it is – we give all our clients complete support both during and after your website goes live.

1. Browse our plans

Browse our website plans or get in touch for a customized solution that includes everything your business needs to get online. Plans start from just $149 p/m with no upfront development cost!

2. We get to know you

We will work with you to find the perfect website design to suit your business and help you target your perfect customer.

3. We create your website

Now the technical work begins! Our specialist team of web developers will use the agreed design and start the build.

4. We keep your site updated

All our pay monthly plans comes with core updates, security scans and an integrated client portal allowing you to request updates to content anywhere, anytime.

Pay Monthly.

No development fees


A powerful mix of marketing & technology. We  create  websites  that  help  you  grow your business and put you ahead of the competition. Whether you require a small business site or full custom solution, we can help you get successful online.

Pay Monthly.

Our monthly website packages includes all the essentials for keeping a successful website online. A monthly plan get’s you everything you need (including the initial development) and with no upfront payment needed!


We include website management in all of our monthly plans. Basically, it means that we will take care of whatever is needed on your website to keep it up-to-date, secure and performing at it’s best at all times.



Designed to grow with your business

Common questions.

Pay monthly or pay upfront?


The advantage of signing up to our monthly plans are that your new website always are up to date and growing with your business. It also gives you flexibility as you are not tied down to a huge upfront investment, but instead a low monthly fee.


If a monthly website package is not what you are looking for, then get in touch below and we will get back to you with more information about our one off development website services.

Why choose The Websitejob?


Being a client of TheWebsitejob means you don’t have to worry about a thing. Everything from development to hosting and security is included in your monthly subscription.


Our aim is to impress our customers with a fantastic user experience. As an innovative web design and a web development business, we create high-performance websites with focus on customer experiences.

Is there a contract period?


We don’t like long term contracts but to fully own the designs, you must be subscribed for at least one year. You are free to leave and unsubscribe at any time- however, we are 100% certain you see the benefits of a pay monthly website and that it won’t come to this.


In the event that you do decide to leave after one year, you have the option to take the site with you. We will provide you with a backup and transfer the domain to your new hosting account.


How do I update my website?


All of our monthly website plans come with included content updates, meaning that we’re always on hand to carry out any content changes on your behalf.


In addition, If you’ve signed-up to our “Pro” or “Ultimate” website plans, you’ll also have access to our easy-to-use page editor, allowing you to edit page content without any assistance from us.

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